Friday, August 18, 2017


Eatonville WA is one of those adorable mountain towns I'd love to live in. It's way cute. It's also where Jake's parents go to church. 

After church we drove around town and we drove past the high school. It was so cool looking so I made the family get out so I could take a picture. Nobody was happy to take pictures... are they ever??

*Everett took a few of these beauties :)

*I love Roxy's faces in these two. 

We stopped to check out a view of Mt. Rainier on the way home. Luckily we got to see plenty of pretty views because it was clear skies most of the time we were there. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Waiting For My Miracle

I can't write about WA without writing about how we almost didn't come back to AZ. 

I obviously have a problem with staying in one state for more than 5 years. I just want to live somewhere where things are the ways they're "supposed to be." Snow in the winter, rain in the spring, sun in the summer, and changing leaves and cooler temperatures in the fall (and as much sunshine as possible :). 

That's how it was growing up and I just can't seem to get past thinking that's how is should be. 

Basically I grew up in a wonderland and it has set the stage for failure for the rest of my life 😅

I can handle AZ for most of the year and then we get to September and October and I just can't do it. I feel like living here has ruined all holidays and traditions for me. I know I sound absolutely ridiculous (especially because it was my choice to move here in the first place) but I'm a sinking ship and I can't scoop out the water fast enough. I'm trying so hard but it's not working. 

The girls and I were in WA for 3 days before Jake and Everett got there. As soon as Jake got there I told him we had to move. That I didn't want to go back to AZ. We didn't have a house of any kind, Everett was on Summer break, all of our stuff was even in boxes already. We would never be as mobile as we were and now was the time to move. 

Over the course of a week or two Jake entertained the idea. It was exciting. 

Really exciting. 

But of course it would be foolish to walk away from our life we've been working so hard to establish in AZ. Jake has worked so hard and I hate to think all of his hard work would be wasted because I need to see some leaves change colors in the fall or carve pumpkins without them being a pile or mushy mold in the morning because it's still over 100 degrees in October. 

We've hashed it out a thousand times and the smart thing to do is to stay in AZ. Why can't I get over the weather and seasons????

But here we are, back in AZ. Back to 8 months of hot blow-dryer in your face. With three little kids and only indoor things to do. 

I need a miracle. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Pit Stop at the Dunes

On Jake and Everett's journey to WA, they stayed a couple nights with our friends in Utah and even went to the dunes. 

*road trip pit stops... just getting the essentials. Costco Pizza and soda. 

Everett has been begging Jake for years to get him a 4-wheeler. This was Everett's first real experience at the dunes and on a 4-wheeler. 

I think he had fun. It sounds like it was hot (and sandy 😆) and Everett accidentally ran into one of the other boys and burned his leg pretty good. Everett felt so bad and the other boys kept teasing him (all in good fun) but Everett is so sensitive so he didn't ride by himself after that. 

But it looks like they all bonded over the iPads which probably means he had a great time. 

The next day they made their way to WA. We were so happy to see them!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Trip "Begins"

It would probably be helpful if life stopped for a week so I could get all caught up... but that must be the wish for most people.

I'll start 8 weeks back...

*dumpster diving for boxes. 

Packing up and moving out of our house... all the while feeling a little anxious knowing that at any second the whole offer and sale of our house could fall through.

Packing up and moving out. It was very bittersweet.
We are excited for the new things ahead of us but will miss the comforts (friends, neighbors, familiarity) we left behind. BUT we did leave some things behind that we were happy to leave behind too :)

The actual packing was a pain because Roxy is NUTS. 

We had several friends that were instrumental in helping us move. We couldn't have done it without them. THANK YOU!!!

So were moving. And we're headed to WA for a month. But we don't have a new house lined up. Because we're actually building a new one. So we have to rent one while the new one is being built but don't want to pay rent for the month we won't even be here so we moved everything into storage. 

*There is also a back story and another reason why we moved everything into storage. There is a lady in Jake's BNI group that had a rental house close to his office that we were going to rent. She had undesirable renters and was kicking them out and said we could move in August 1st (without a credit check or contract). The bummer was that Everett started school July 26th and our flights were scheduled to come back July 24th. So we extended our flights two weeks (after triple checking the house would work out) and Jake and Everett made arrangements to stay with a friend until the rental was ready. THEN she decided not to kick her renters out and we were stuck (somewhat last minute) without a place lined up. So we took the chance and left town "homeless". PLUS I really wanted to find a rental close to where our new house would be built so we could put Everett in his new school and life wouldn't change too too much once the new house was done. So by the time I un-enrolled him at his school (this is required), got the 5,000 papers and shot records ready and went to enroll him in the new school they aren't taking anymore open enrollment students. It was a blast trying to get him re-enrolled at his old school. *

Almost everything fit into a 10X30 storage unit. We also had to be a little strategic because we had to leave things out for our trip to WA and we also had to pack specific boxes to be immediately accessible for when we got back 2 days before school started.We didn't even know if we'd be in a house or living with friends or in a tent when we got back...

The girls and I left for the airport early one Thursday morning in June.

 I wanted one last family picture in front of our house. Breckie gets attacked by fire ants and wakes up the neighborhood with her screams and then we missed our flight. So that was exciting :) And that was pretty much how our entire trip to WA went. It was like everything almost or barely worked out (which of course we are grateful for... it was just super stressful!).

But we made it. We made it to WA and were greeted by Jake's parents, his sister Brianna, her daughter Haley, and our niece Maleah at the airport.

Meanwhile Jake and Everett finish moving the last truckload, cleaned the house, and stayed the night with a friend. 

They left the next morning for Utah. They both "don't mind" road trips and were making a pit stop in Utah to ride at the dunes with friends... so don't feel too bad for them :)